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Mary works in the area of profound mental-emotional-spiritual transformation. Mary is compassionate and inspirational. Her purpose is to work with love to amplify the good and the talents in others, to help you heal mind-body-spirit to empower your life.

DNA - (The human body has 64 codons, however only 20 of them are active. The DNA Activation activates the remaining 44 codons to be fully functioning through an energetic process.
Some benefits noted by clients: Greater sense of freedom, increased energy, improved self confidence, more motivation to accomplish tasks, feeling more solid, less worry. Physical benefits noted by clients: Increased immunity to colds, toxins are released, hair and nails grow faster, more motivation to tackle task. Can be done remotely.

Sacred Numbers utilizes hypnotherapy, intuitive and living math to specifically pinpoint the core beliefs behind any physical and emotional imbalances and where they are being stored in the body so they can be released on a cellular level. This technique takes approximately one and a half hours. Mary continues to see truly amazing results and always receives wonderful feedback about this technique. Can be done remotely.

Business Consulting - Mary utilizes an intuitive approach and can assist you to determine what is standing in the way of your business goals. Most business consultants tell you what needs to be done, Mary tells you specifically how to accomplish your goals. Can be done remotely.

Personal Consulting - Mary utilizes an intuitive approach and can coach you into living your life more effectively. Mary does not look at problems or life situations as right or wrong but as effective and ineffective. Take the struggles out of every day life and develop more happiness and joy into your world. Can be done remotely.

Regression Therapy - Whether your problems stem from your childhood or from a past life, regression therapy can help you to uncover patterns that have stopped you from moving forward on your path. Mary has helped many learn from the past to have a more joyful future.



"I was having a hard time starting my projects, now I have the motivation to get my projects done ."
-Ranae J.