By Mary Taylor, Certified Master Hypnotherapist

Are you intrigued by the idea of hypnosis? Have you been wondering if hypnosis might be able to help a problem you or a loved one is having? Think its mind control? Have you ever wondered if you could be hypnotized? Most people can be. Don’t think of the techniques used in scary movies. I don’t use props or gimmicks. No watches dangling from a chain. We’ve all seen stage shows where props, gimmicks and special lighting are used to distract the people on stage. It is not necessary but it does put on a great show!

Hypnosis does not use mind control techniques. You will hear and remember everything that is said in your session.

Why might you want to use hypnosis? About 50% of my clients come to Stop Smoking or Lose Weight. In my opinion, using hypnosis to stop smoking is the most effective method. My success rate is 85%. It only takes one session to be a non-smoker. It is a little harder to change or modify behaviors. Requiring a few more sessions. Is what you are doing effective or ineffective to the outcome you wish to achieve. If it is ineffective then lets change those limiting beliefs using the power of positive suggestion. However, hypnosis is successful in a wide variety of issues: develop or enhance personal relationships, feel happier, less stressed, more relaxed, more in control of life, less anxious, decrease phobias, eliminate fears, increase self-esteem and self-worth, increase memory, learn to trust more, anger management, road rage, procrastination, better study skills, surgery or dental preparedness, improve athletic performance, create personal growth. Hypnosis allows you to take control of your LIFE!

People who are hypnotized cannot be “made” to do anything against their will. Hypnosis is a consensual state. We go in and out of it several times a day.

What the mind can conceive the body will achieve! This can be a double-edged sword. It can spur you on to greater achievements, opportunities and self-esteem or it can have a devastatingly negative effect if you mentally play out these dramas, real or imagined. For every thought there is a physiological happening in the body. What thoughts are controlling your life? I do not diagnose. When our lives are in balance, we are happier and our lives are more rewarding. My goal is to help you achieve this.

In addition to hypnotherapy, I am asked to put on Stress Management Seminars. I am also asked to perform stage shows at corporate conventions, holiday parties and post proms. My shows are rated PG and we have a great time!

My clients constantly reaffirm the life altering effects our work together has created in their lives. I have used the power of hypnosis to heal many things in my life. My journey is rewarding, exciting, challenging and fun and I am ready to share this with you!