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Did you know, hypnotherapy can be utilized for almost any problem and for many physical ailments as well?

Hypnotherapy has received a lot of press lately as a very effective tool for changing personal issues and symptoms.

Even medical doctors refer to Hypnotherapists today. The National Institute of Health and the American Medical Association have endorsed hypnotherapy as an effective alternative therapy.

Medical uses include addressing problems associated with illnesses, pain management and developing the relaxation response.

Mary Taylor is a professionally trained Certified Master Hypnotherapist and does not diagnose but she can use this specialty to help you resolve the same issues you'd take to conventional behavioral therapy usually in far less time and with results that can last a lifetime. This is because hypnotherapy is to help you, the client, empower yourself to change by using your own unconscious resources! Through "contracting" and "dialoguing with the unconscious mind," new learnings are developed to create lasting success. Hypnotherapy today is nothing like the fanciful hypnosis of the movies. We use no spinning disks or mesmerizing pendulums. You have a private therapist -- no headphones with mass-produced inductions.

Consider This Therapy For:

With its ability to enhance the power of suggestion, hypnosis has been found effective for a variety of problems that hinge on emotions, habits, and even the body's involuntary responses. It can relieve virtually all types of pain, no matter what the source--including the pain of surgery. It is also helpful against anxiety, tension, depression, phobias, and compulsions, and can help break an addiction to smoking, alcohol, or drugs.

It has successfully alleviated an amazing range of symptoms, including those of asthma, allergy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and irritable bowel syndrome. It can control nausea and vomiting from cancer meds, reduce bleeding during surgery, steady the heartbeat, and bring down blood pressure. It helps people lose weight, allows people to quit smoking along with a number of other habit based problems and given many relief from muscle spasms.


"I didn't know I could be this relaxed and feel so in-control"


Treatment Time:

Your initial session with a Hypnotherapist usually last from 60 to 90 minutes. After that approximately one-hour sessions are the norm.

Treatment Frequency:

Most people see the Hypnotherapist once a week or once every other week until the client feels the issue is resolved or alleviated. However, this varies.

The recommendation will be on individual case basis. For example: Smoking Cessation only requires one session to be smoke free. However, weight loss you would want to plan on three initial sessions to get started and then you determine if and when you need reinforcement.
You never have to smoke again, but with weight you need to make better choices everyday!

Hypnotherapy is a catalyst to help you change your life. Many of us experience difficulties at some point in our lives, however great or small. Some of us have habits that we would like to change.

Hypnotherapy can help us to deal with issues arising in daily life enabling us to move forward in a more positive and confident way without the use of drugs or stimulants. Create strategies to live a more effective life. Bringing increased joy and happiness as well as a sense of well-being.