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Individual CD's and Tapes available for Weightloss, Smoking Cessation, Relaxation, Confidence, Restful Sleep, and Study Habits. CD or Tapes = $100.00 + $10.00 Shipping and Handling.

Two therapy CD's and Tapes $175.00 + $10.00 Shipping and Handling

WeightLoss and Confidence

WeightLoss and Relaxation

Smoking Cessation and Confidence

Smoking Cessation and Relaxation

Three Therapy CD's & Tapes $255.00 + $15.50 Shipping and Handling

Weightloss, Relaxation & Confidence

Smoking Cessation, Relaxation & Confidence

Four Therapy CD's & Tapes $325.00 + $15.50 Shipping and Handling

Weightloss, Relaxation, Confidence & Restful Sleep

Smoking Cessation, Relaxation, Confidence & Restful Sleep


Allow 7 - 10 days for Shipping and Handling

Mahedra Essential Oil Blends
“essential oil blends for the body, mind & soul”


"I am energized each time I listen to the Original Body Blueprint tape"

















Attract: Assist in attracting co-creative people of similar consciousness, life path & vision. Oils: 2 ml 8.98

Comfort: Helps you return to a state of inner knowing, allowing yourself to be held, nurtured and supported from this place. There is nothing you need to do or become to be loved. Love is who you are. Oils: 2 ml 8.98 20ml 29.98 Stones 7.98 (pkg contains 4 stones)

Ema’s Oil: This oil blend is formulated to aid your body in ending addictions, breaking habits and patterns. It carries the essence of transformation, assisting the body in recalibrating the energetic patterns embedded in cellular memory. Oils: 2ml 8.98 20ml 24.98

Empowered Divinity: This oil blend helps to take creative ideas and concepts from thought form into action. Do you have a vision of who you would like to be? Empowered Divinity can support you to live it. Soar, climb, move, dance, leap, sing, roar - embrace and live your magnificence! Oils: 2 ml 8.98 20ml 29.98 Stones: 7.98 (pkg contains 4 stones)

Enthusuiasm: This oil blend encourages you to soar to new horizons and break through barriers. It assist in opening the energy centers of the body. Embrace your potential. Live and celebrate your life with - Enthusiasm. Oils: 2 ml 8.98 20ml 29.98 Stones: 7.98 (pkg contains 4 stones)

Herkimer Dream Weave: Assists in opening channels of dreaming, creativity and intuition. Works synergistically with the Herkimer Diamond stone. Kit: Oil, Stone Set 34.98 Oils: 20 ml 24.98

Honor: Assists in transmuting the illusions you have about yourself. (judgment and limitations). Know your beauty, nobility and integrity. Embrace who you are - honor yourself. Oils: 2 ml 8.98 20ml 29.98 Stones: 7.98 (pkg contains 4 stones)

Integration: Supports, assimilation, balancing and integration of changes. Best during healing work. Oils: 2 ml 8.98


Original Body Blueprint: Original Body Blueprint is a set of products (oil, mist, music and stones) that synergistically work together. Everyone has his or her own unique soul signature. Through experiences/lifetimes of suppression, we may become disconnected from who we “are”. The Original Body Blueprint set of products help to gently encourage, amplify and revitalize your connection to your soul signature, recalibrating and re-aligning your energy to your Original Body Blueprint. Come home to yourself.

Kit: (oil, music, mist and stone set) 69.98. . Oils: 2 ml 8.98 20 ml 29.98 Mist: 24.98 Music: 15.98 Stones: 7.98 (pkg contains 4 stones)

Sovereignty: Assists one in becoming free of limitations, unhealthy boundaries, other people’s ideals, rules or judgments. Oils: 2 ml 8.98

Strength: Through seeking love, we may leave the foundation of ourselves and lose ourselves to the foundation of another (co-dependence). Strength assists you by providing support in re-aligning to your personal foundation-your own identity, inner vitality and wisdom. Return to your foundation and empowerment and fulfillment will be yours. . Oils: 2 ml 8.98 20ml 29.98 Stones: 7.98 (pkg contains 4 stones)

Unwind: De-stress, relax and evaporate chaotic energy with Unwind. Move through energy patterns of feeling “stuck”. Unwind assists to transform dis-empowering thought forms and patterns into positive, creative energy. Oils: 2 ml 8.98 20ml 29.98 Stones: 7.98 (pkg contains 4 stones)